Can I upgrade my existing PC?

Can I upgrade my existing PC?

Find out what you need to know about verifying whether Windows 8 will work on your Advent PC

Before you purchase your Windows 8 upgrade, it’s important to check that it will run on your Advent PC. We’ve tested a number of our systems to verify that they’ll run Windows 8, and you can find out whether your model is covered using the product selector tool below.

You’ll see one of two results: if your PC is shown as tested, that means our engineers have successfully installed Windows 8 on it. Just follow the instructions to upgrade any necessary drivers and then discover how to install Windows 8 on your Advent PC using one of our step-by-step guides. Even if your model hasn’t been tested, don’t panic. Windows 8 should run on any PC displaying the Windows 7 logo, and will also run on many older PCs. Its system requirements are relatively modest – see the 'What is Windows 8?' introductory article for more details.

Please note that the results below only apply to your Advent PC. They don’t include any third-party applications you may have installed, or any third-party hardware devices such as printers or digital cameras. Verify whether these are compatible with the help of the Windows Compatibility Center.

Microsoft have also provided a free program called the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, which you can use to scan your Advent PC, your programs and other hardware, and check whether it is compatible with Windows 8.

Check whether your product supports an upgrade: