Source spare parts for your computer

Source spare parts for your computer

Need a replacement component or part for your Advent PC? We have the answers

What can you do if a component or part in your Advent PC needs replacing? If your PC is still under warranty, you can always return it for repair, or if you’d prefer an expert to handle the repair job, check out KnowHow’s Laptop Fault & Fix and Desktop PC Fault & Fix services along with its Hardware Install service if you need help replacing certain components.

Alternatively, if you know exactly what needs replacing, are confident in your own abilities and are happy to proceed with fitting the new parts entirely at your own risk, you can source them with the help of this guide. We’ll show you the best places to go whether you’re looking to replace your laptop’s battery or power adapter, or replace a failing hard drive or power supply.

1. Laptop power

Looking for a replacement battery or power adapter for your Advent laptop? DSG’s Partmaster has a dedicated Advent Laptops Spares, Spare Parts & Accessories section. Just click the Advent logo, select your model from the list, and you’ll see what parts are available for it.

You’ll also find generic parts such as peripherals and laptop coolers by scrolling down the page – useful if you need to replace a set of speakers or get new ink cartridges for your printer, for example.

2. Desktop components

Need to replace your desktop PC’s power supply, or perhaps another core component such as a fan? Everything you need can be found at the PC World Components store, including desktop fans, internal cables and power supply units (as well as cables).

Before making a purchase, always check inside your PC to verify the replacement part will fit in the space available. If you’re in the process of replacing your power supply, make sure that it’s rated at least the same as your old PSU. Consider purchasing a beefier PSU (say 500W or greater) if you plan to upgrade other components such as the graphics card.

3. Internal storage

Hard drives don’t last forever, which is why back-up devices are so important. But armed with the right software – CrystalMark Disk Info – you can get advance warning that a drive is about to fail, giving you plenty of time to source a replacement. PC World stocks a wide range of drives – and again, don’t be afraid to purchase a drive larger than the one you’re replacing.

Key things to consider here: desktops typically use 3.5-inch drives, and laptops use 2.5-inch drives. Laptop users should, however, measure the depth of their existing drive before sourcing a replacement of the same depth (typically 9.5mm). Check out our step-by-step guide to fitting and upgrading your hard drive, although it’s been written with solid-state storage (SSD) drives in mind, it applies to all hard drives.

4. Graphics card

Looking to replace or upgrade your desktop PC’s graphics card? Again, PC World has a comprehensive selection of cards at its Component Store, but there are some things you need to know before purchasing your card. Our complete step-by-step guide reveals what you need to know, and how to go about fitting your new card.

Note: if you’re planning to upgrade an Advent PC running Windows 8, please read this forum post before proceeding.

5. Memory

Whether you’re planning to add more memory to your computer or replace a corrupt chip, it’s important you source the correct type of memory at a capacity supported by your model. To find out that crucial piece of information, download and install the 64-bit version of PassMark RAMMon, which is free for personal use. Make a note of the RAM type, standard name and module name, plus the computer’s overall capacity. You can then use this information to help you pick the correct replacement memory chip(s) at the PC World Components Store.

If you want to know the maximum amount of memory your Advent laptop or desktop supports, use the ‘Got A Question?’ link on the right to speak to our experts.

6. Replacement recovery discs

Need to purchase a replacement recovery disc for your Advent laptop or desktop? You can order a set at the Advent Recovery Media website.