KNOWHOW general computing tips

KNOWHOW general computing tips

It’s the little jobs that can often take the longest – here’s the lowdown on how to perform some basic computer admin

Problem: How to check your system specs.

Solution: For general information about your PC, simply right-click on the ‘My Computericon on the desktop, then select ‘Properties’.

If you want more detailed information, go to ‘Start’, type ‘dxdiag’ into the Search box and click on the ‘dxdiag’ link that appears in the list. A window will appear with tabs listing detailed information. For example, under the ‘Display’ tab you can see what graphics card is installed and when it was last updated. You can save all this information in a .txt file by clicking ‘Save All Information...’

Problem: Revealing hidden folders and files.

Solution: Some files and folders are automatically hidden from your view but if you need to see them, navigate to the folder they are in, click on the ‘Tools’ tab and select ‘Folder Options....’ From the window that appears select the ‘View’ tab and highlight ‘Show hidden files and folders’. Click ‘Apply’ to make them appear, or click on ‘Apply to All Folders’ to make all the hidden files/folders on your PC become visible.

Problem: How to type the Euro symbol from your keyboard.

Solution: Most keyboards have the Euro sign located on the number 4 key but using the usual shortcut keys will only bring up the $ sign. To type the € sign easily, hold down the following keys, depending on your keyboard:

Problem: How to turn on your built-in webcam .

Solution: The simplest way to turn on your built-in webcam is through video chat software like Skype or MSN Messenger. Want to take a picture? Try typing ‘webcam ’ into the start search box to find a camera-related software like YouCam.

With some PCs, you will need to use a keyboard shortcut like FN + another F key to turn the web camera on. A light will appear next to the webcam to let you know it is on.