Create your own greetings cards

Create your own greetings cards

Add a personal touch to greetings cards by designing your own with the help of MyPix

It’s no exaggeration to say that Britain loves greetings cards. Every year we send nearly 2,000 million cards in the UK alone, costing a staggering £1.39 billion. But it’s fair to say that some of these cards can be a bit bland and impersonal. If you’ve ever received a birthday card with a photo of a steam train or a sailing boat, you’ll probably agree. And what about all those thank you notes with insipid watercolours of roses and wine bottles?

If you’re fed up with sending and receiving boring cards, then there’s good news. Websites like make it easy for you to create professional-looking cards using your own digital snaps. So, you can personalise each birthday card, or create festive cards using family photos.

If you’re not particularly arty, don’t worry, the software is easy to use. Simply head over to to sign up for a free account, then you’re ready to create customised cards in a matter of minutes. This step-by-step guide will take you through the basics.

1. Upload photos

Once you’ve set up your Mypix account, click Upload my photos. Pick a name for your photo album then scroll down the page to start adding photos from your computer. Locate your photos (they’ll usually be in the My Pictures folder) and drag all the images you want down to the upload area.

2. Select greetings cards

When you’ve finished choosing your pics, click Send the photos. Once they’ve uploaded, click Photo Gifts in the top menu and choose Greeting Cards and Customised Cards. Select the style of card you’d like to create and click Customise.

3. Choose your template

Choose the template from the Models list at the top of the screen (we’ve chosen one with pictures and text). Then it’s just a case of dragging your pictures from the album onto the card. Once they’re in place, adjust the size of your snaps using the zoom control on the toolbar .

4. Customise your message

Double click on the sample text and replace it with your own message. You can change the font size, colour and alignment in the formatting area in the top right-hand corner of the tool bar. You can also change the background colour using the control on the left-hand side of the screen.

5. Add special effects

If you want to get even more creative, you can add special effects to your photos. Click the Effects button to bring up options for black and white or sepia, as well as a range of multi-coloured pop art effects. In this example, we’ve used the original shot so click the Colour button to undo the effect.

6. Order your cards

You can also add photos to the back of the card by clicking Back. Once you’re happy with the design, click the green Order button and your creation will be added to your shopping basket. Click Go to Checkout to complete your order, or create another card before you checkout.