Create a photo book using myPIX

Create a photo book using myPIX

Produce a stunning fully bound book of your photos

Everyone loves a personalised gift and there's nothing more personal than photos of a family get-together or holiday. The online service myPIX allows you to create a number of different products using your own photos, including stunning, professionally bound books packed with full colour images.

These make more of an impact than a simple photo album and you can apply your own design and add personalised comments. So, if you’re looking for an unusual present idea, think about making a unique photographic gift with the help of our step-by-step guide.

Create and order your photo book

1. Get the Software

You will need some software before you can produce your first photobook. Go to myPIX and sign up for an account, providing your email, contact details and a password. Click ‘Download Now’ and opt to download the Windows version of the software. Run the downloaded file and let it install. It will download a number of other components as it runs. Once complete, launch the program.

2. CEWE Photobook

When the program starts, choose ‘CEWE Photobook’ from the different options displayed. You can now choose the format of the book and see the minimum price that size will cost. Select the one you want and click ‘Create now’. This launches the editor software, which enables you to design your photobook.

3. Use the Assistant

The quickest and simplest way to get a photobook created using a folder of your photos is with the CEWE Photobook Assistant. This guides you through the steps needed. Click ‘Create with assistant’ to continue. You'll see the folders with your photos in the left-hand pane. Browse to the one you want to use.

4. Select Photos

Select the folder that you want to use and drag it into the right-hand pane. All the photos it contains will be displayed in the main pane. Remove any that you don't want to include then use the sliders at the bottom of the window to set the total number of pages and the number of pictures per page. Click ‘Next’.

5. Book Design 

You can now choose the design you want to use for your book. Select one from the list of options provided: you can see an example in the right-hand pane. Use the different tabs to view the various styles available and click ‘Next’ when you're happy. Now, select the kind of cover and binding that you want to use. The price is shown in the right-hand pane. Enter a title and sub-title for your book and click ‘Create now’.

6. Edit and Order

You can preview your book in the main editor: check each page using the selection at the bottom. You can click and drag images around or edit them using the available tools. You can also add a text box to label photos, or rotate them to change the look of the design. When you've finished editing, click ‘Order’ and add the book to your shopping basket. Click ‘Order Now’ and supply your payment details. You can also save your photobook on your PC, so you can re-edit it at a later date, or order extra copies.