Virtualisation (VT-X) Maybe need a bios update

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K Dotty
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Virtualisation (VT-X) Maybe need a bios update

Hi, iv got an advent sienna 700. I've recently got into android development and started setting up Ubuntu inside virtual box. Iv tried to use a 64-bit build and ran into an issue. I've run the 64-bit guest check tool and my cpu is compatible. Its the virtualisation thats let me down.

Browsing the web, i've found that it needs to be enabled in the BIOS because most manufacturers have it set to disabled by default. My BIOS hasnt got the option at all. I was wondering if there was any updates to my BIOS or any other methods to get this enabled because its the only thing stopping me from starting to develop. It would be ashame if I had to go and purchase another computer just for this function.

Thanks in advance

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Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. You shouldn't need VT-X enabled in order to run a 64-bit OS in VirtualBox, but you will need to tweak the VirtualBox settings to disable VT-X support (do so from Settings > System > Accceleration tab).

Unfortunately there's no way to tweak the Sienna's BIOS to enable/disable VT-X.